Young Life Search Phrases

26 Mar

I find the list of search phrases people use to be revealing.  When it comes to Young Life and the people who end up on this blog, the search queries reveal what sort of information or concerns they have about Young Life.


Here’s a sampling of some of the searches that end up here:


Is Young Life a Cult?

What is Young Life?

Young Life Reviews

Young Life Issues

Denny Rydberg Salary

Is Young Life Bad?

Young Life Cult or Religion

Young Life Beliefs

Banging My Young Life Leader

What happens at Young Life Camp?

Young Life camp rape

Can a Young Life leader still lead if they had sex?

Young Life Leader sexual abuse

What Church is behind Young Life?

Young Life views on Homosexuality

Young Life cliques


As a point of reference, the phrase “Is Young Life a Cult?” or some variation is by far, the number one search phrase that brings people to this blog.


YoungLife pushed my son to suicide

17 Feb


Some of you might have read Mechanic Dude’s comments here at CA and picked up on the sad, sad story of his son’s experience with Young Life. Here is the whole story from the perspective of a grieving father who believes his son was pushed to suicide because of his involvement with Young Life.

Originally posted on Young Life pushed my son to suicide:

This is the story my son told me before his death at just 17yrs old. I have left it raw and emotional. The Young Life Organization is a Christian youth ministry with a special focus on public schools. In fact they are practically non existent outside of the public school system and their elaborate summer camps, usually located in very scenic and expensive areas of the US.

My son attended a public high school in Reno NV. My first knowledge of YoungLife was when he asked if he could go out with a friend that had a car. He said that he was older and a very nice person from his high school. At just 15 yrs. old I was skeptical and wanted to meet this person. A very young looking person shows up at the door and assures me he is a safe driver and that they were just…

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Rubber Soul:The Beatles

7 Feb

I am an odd soul, I admit it freely.  By age 10, I was a full fledge Beatle Maniac.  The only problem was that I was 10 in the late 70′s-not the mid sixties.  During the late seventies and into the eighties, I was one of only a few in my peer group that listened to the Beatles.  The Beatles were not hip then, as synth pop and the ethereal sounds of U2 began to dominate the airwaves.

In years past, I have run into old friends from school and they still ask if I am a big Beatles fan.  That’s how much my fandom is still remembered.

All that to say-that I recently picked up a used CD copy of the Beatles Rubber Soul record that was recorded and released in 1965.  I am always amazed at this record.  It’s unique in the Beatles records in that, it is a transition from the Beatles Mersey beat origins to a more experimental, acoustic version of the Beatles-but not quite the full-fledged high priests of psychedelic rock that would emerge in later years with Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, and the Magical Mystery Tour.

One thing that really stands out is the vocals.  Rubber Soul has some of the tightest, layered harmonies of any Beatles record.  As a whole, it’s almost as if they decided to turn down the instruments and turn up the vocal mix on every track.  “Nowhere Man” is still a standout among these gems of amazing vocal harmonies, woven together in a mid-tempo rock sound that is accented with jangly guitars and a lyric that is whimsical and meaningful at the same time.  My favorite turn of phrase comes at the end of the chorus when John turns the lyric around to not fit an obvious rhyme.  If you’re not sure what I mean-give it a listen to see how this turn of phrase makes you take notice of the words and what’s being sung.

Just some random thoughts as I listen to one of my favorite records.

Opinion Piece: Young Life Is a Clique Hiding Under the Blanket of Religion

5 Feb

Interesting opinion piece written a few years ago about Young Life.  I believe this is a high school on-line paper.  You can click here to read the whole article.

A couple of highlights and then I’ll go back to my cave….

If you ask any student of Northwest who has not yet been brainwashed by this organization, they will tell you Young Life is as close to a cult as you get at the high school level. It’s a place where only the “popular” kids are welcomed.

Young life is a social organization hiding under the blanket of religion. After Young Life meetings every Monday night, you don’t see pictures posted by attendees of that night’s meeting of the worshipping they did, but instead of the wacky costumes they dressed up in and of the contests they held.


And from a comletely different angle, this review of Young Life was written earlier today at :


February 4, 2014
I DO NOT LIKE WYLDLIFE FOR MY CHILDREN. As a mother I tell you why I do not like Wyldlife or Young Life. First, the leaders are very MANIPULATIVE with teenagers. They act COOL and Young even though some of them are in their late forties. Second, parents are not encourage to attend any event or group. For example, my daughter attended some meetings about Wyldlife in my neighborhood but of course I was not invited to stay. My daughter at that time she did not say much about it, so I stay out of it since she appreciated the time she shared with her friends form her school. However, after some time my daughter mention me how cool it was to have a counselor and a mentor that she could trust and have fun with. As a mother I did not like that idea and I told my daughter that she could not have any counselor unless I give her permission to have one. Another aspect about WYLDLIFE I DO NOT LIKE is that they get them to excited about camp….once my daughter told me “that’s going to be the best time of my life!”(Camp). CRAZY!!!! The leaders are not honest with parents because they do not tell about their religious influence on children. I think we need MOTHERHOOD for our children not random counselors playing to be cool with our kids to get them to like Christianity using their own theology without parents consent. THINK ABOUT IT. I DID. THANK YOU.





Proof of no God: the Argument From Sphenisciformes

14 Jan


Ohhh…I am laughing too hard at this simple little post and the comments. Just thought I’d pass it on…enjoy.

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:

William Lane Craig would be proud of this one, from the Twi**er feed of Ian Yorston:

Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 1.42.43 PMh/t: Matthew Cobb


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I Am A Bad Blog Host (Happy New Year!!!!)

6 Jan

I admit it….I am not a very good blog host.  I wish to apologize to all the new commenters and readers from the last month who have gone unanswered.  It is not my intention, I’ve just been busy with family life and work.

I am a part-time blogger, but I do care what you all think and have to say (eve when we disagree).

As the New Year unfolds, I hope to have a little more time to go back and respond to the many new comments and to add some new writing along the way.

I hope you had a good Christmas and New Years and I’ll talk to you all real soon!!!!


Peace and Love-Christian Agnostic

what Fireproof and Twilight have in common

3 Dec


Great post….

Originally posted on Defeating the Dragons:

home movies

During my undergrad days, one of my friends convinced me to read the Twilight series. At first I rolled my eyes at the “vampire books,” but I did read them— flew through them, really.

I strongly, strongly identified with Isabella Swan– but when I tried to explain it to my friends, all that I could come up with was that “we were both clumsy.” My friends laughed at me, or rolled their eyes, so eventually I shut up about it. I was never able to figure out exactly what it was about Bella that tugged at me so much. I knew it had something to do with her relationship with Edward– I was frequently able to draw direct parallels to my relationship with John*.

When our relationship ended in disaster and I realized not terribly long after that our relationship had been abusive, the connection between Meyer’s books and my…

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