Shameless Plug: Pitch Perfect 2

19 May

As a former Band/Choir geek, I laughed myself silly throughout most of this film.  Totally lost it during the scene with the Green Bay Packers.  Feel free to share your favorite/ least favorite scenes.

It’s Just Not That Way For Me

14 May

It’s Just not that way for me

The truths you hold self evident,

the things you believe, but can’t see


I used to hold my eyes shut so tight, raise my voice

and howl at the night-thinking I was being a light


But I was deceiving myself, and was deceived

Almost everything I was taught, thought, and believed,

didn’t hold up to honest scrutiny


Believe me, I tried to make a square peg fit

I tried to rationalize away all the beliefs that contradict


But it’s just not that way for me

I once was blind, and now I see

that faith was the blinding force


Keeping me in darkness, superstition and fear

keeping me in a perpetual state of uncertainity


But now….it’s just not that way for me

CA’s Almost 100% Foolproof Way to Recognize an Abusive Church

13 May

Ok…it’s not scientific by any stretch of the imagination.  But here’s my Almost 100% Foolproof Way to Recognize an Abusive Church.

Wait for it………….

You are attending an abusive church if you do not know the salary of the Senior Pastor.

Seriously, if your church does not publish an annual budget including the pastor’s salary, then run for the door.

Here’s the caveat, some churches may not publish the specific salary, but are more than willing to share specifics when asked by members or at an all church finance meeting.

But to my point, if you can not find out this information with relative ease, then you are most likely dealing with leaders who are not trustworthy and abusive.  You’ll here all sorts of excuses as to why this information is not disclosed, but I’ve never heard an adequate reason to withhold this information from the people whose generosity has provided the church with it’s financial resources.

Without transparency, there can be no accountability.  And where there is no accountability, abuse is ripe.

So there you have it….don’t make say I told you so by ignoring this

Almost 100% Foolproof Way to Recognize an Abusive Church.


advice for young Christians on marriage

30 Apr


Brief, but excellent thoughts on the topic of marriage…

Originally posted on violetwisp:


Many young Christians have the idealistic expectation of enjoying sex in one exclusive marriage of a lifetime. They hope that their god will provide the perfect spouse for their mutual sexual enjoyment. I’m concerned for a number of reasons.

1. You don’t get to live with this individual before you commit to sharing your whole life with them. Some people, even best friends, seem perfectly fine until you move in with them. You’re likely to be having kids with someone before you can even assess if you are compatible housemates.

2. You don’t get to find out if your sexual desire and emotional connection will endure beyond the initial two or three year sexual honeymoon period. Once the initial buzz of having sex for the first few years has worn off, you leave yourself open to the realisation that there’s no long-term sexual chemistry. And you’re not allowed to change your mind!

3. You are likely…

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“The Hitch”, a wonderful new film about Hitchens: and it’s free!

15 Apr

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:

Matthew Cobb called my attention to a tw**t by Richard Dawkins:

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 7.09.35 AMAnd, sure enough, there’s a one hour and 22 minute documentary about Hitchens that I’d somehow missed. Perhaps readers have seen it before, as it’s been posted for 11 months. I’ve now watched it, and it is indeed very good. Take some time, put it on full screen, and, if you will, pour a glass of Mr. Walker’s amber restorative.

Although it starts slow, it picks up quickly, and parts of it are ineffably moving, like Hitchens’s remembrances of his mother. Most readers will take issue with his position on the Iraq war, but listen to him nevertheless. You don’t want to listen only to people with whom you agree, do you? Part Five, on free speech, is particularly stirring, and segues into the segment on religion.  You will, if you’re sentient, be in tears for the last ten minutes.

Here it…

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Measles-virus denialist issues 100K Euro challenge to prove viral causation, scientist wins the dough after court hearing

13 Mar


Be careful what you claim anti-vaxers!

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:

I’ve never heard of woomeisters or denialists who solicit “scientific” challenges to their woo—and this happens occasionally when a creationist offers big bucks to anyone who can “prove” evolution—ever paying off. But this time it happened—after the courts intervened.

According to the BBC News, the Guardian, and the English language The, which provides news about Germany, Stefan Lanka, a German biologist who believes that measles is a psychosomatic disease caused by “traumatic separations”, offered €100,000 to anyone who could prove that the disease was caused by a virus.  This offer was made five years ago in an online advertisement. The original ad said this:

Because we know that the “measles virus” doesn’t exist, and according to biology and medical science can’t exist, and because we know the real cause of measles, we want the reward to get people to enlighten themselves, for the enlightened to help the less enlightened and for…

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An anti-vaccination takedown by Elizabeth Warren

18 Feb


This is why I admire Senator Warren.

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:

It’s pretty certain that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016, and it’s pretty certain that she’ll win, though a lot can happen in the next twenty months. The Republicans don’t seem to have a credible candidate, though I do worry about Jeb Bush, who I predict will get the GOP nod.

But if I had my druthers, I’d prefer Elizabeth Warren, the senior Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, over Clinton. Clinton remains largely a cipher to me, seems to keep her values and beliefs largely under wraps, and is a bit too hawkish on foreign policy. Sadly, Warren stands a snowball’s chance in hell of being the candidate, for she’s too easily tarred as a “Massachusetts liberal,” and has the deadly stigma of having been a professor at Harvard Law School. All that should really be in her favor, but in this screwed-up country where the…

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