Measles-virus denialist issues 100K Euro challenge to prove viral causation, scientist wins the dough after court hearing

13 Mar


Be careful what you claim anti-vaxers!

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:

I’ve never heard of woomeisters or denialists who solicit “scientific” challenges to their woo—and this happens occasionally when a creationist offers big bucks to anyone who can “prove” evolution—ever paying off. But this time it happened—after the courts intervened.

According to the BBC News, the Guardian, and the English language The, which provides news about Germany, Stefan Lanka, a German biologist who believes that measles is a psychosomatic disease caused by “traumatic separations”, offered €100,000 to anyone who could prove that the disease was caused by a virus.  This offer was made five years ago in an online advertisement. The original ad said this:

Because we know that the “measles virus” doesn’t exist, and according to biology and medical science can’t exist, and because we know the real cause of measles, we want the reward to get people to enlighten themselves, for the enlightened to help the less enlightened and for…

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An anti-vaccination takedown by Elizabeth Warren

18 Feb


This is why I admire Senator Warren.

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It’s pretty certain that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016, and it’s pretty certain that she’ll win, though a lot can happen in the next twenty months. The Republicans don’t seem to have a credible candidate, though I do worry about Jeb Bush, who I predict will get the GOP nod.

But if I had my druthers, I’d prefer Elizabeth Warren, the senior Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, over Clinton. Clinton remains largely a cipher to me, seems to keep her values and beliefs largely under wraps, and is a bit too hawkish on foreign policy. Sadly, Warren stands a snowball’s chance in hell of being the candidate, for she’s too easily tarred as a “Massachusetts liberal,” and has the deadly stigma of having been a professor at Harvard Law School. All that should really be in her favor, but in this screwed-up country where the…

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NY Asks Stores To Halt Herbal Supplements After Tests Show Advertised Herbs Not Present

4 Feb


Long overdue scrutiny indeed….!

Originally posted on Consumerist:

Only 4% of the Walmart Spring Valley herbal supplements tested turned up DNA of the herbs advertised on the label. Only 4% of the Walmart Spring Valley herbal supplements tested turned up DNA of the herbs advertised on the label. When you buy an herbal supplement that says “echinacea” or “ginko boloba” on the label, you may expect that it contains some additional ingredients beyond the advertised herbs, but you should be confident that those herbs are present. However, DNA tests commissioned by the New York state Attorney General found evidence that many herbal products may not contain what they advertise.

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Stand Over There…And I’ll Throw Rocks Over Your Head

24 Jan


Just a re-blog from a post done a few years back. Even with my diminished attention to the CA, I’ve still managed a fair amount of traffic and a few new followers here and there.

Also for those, who had no idea I’ve actually written posts about topics other than Young Life. I know….shocking :)

Originally posted on christianagnostic:

shot_through_the_heart_-_and_youre_to_blame shot_through_the_heart_-_and_youre_to_blame (Photo credit: sillydog)

I was five years old and my friend Nate, who was only four, came over to my house to play.  It was summer time, and we found ourselves bored, with nothing much to do in my front yard.

We were hanging out around a recently planted tree that was surrounded by mulch and a ring of medium to large rocks.

An Idea is Born

As I looked down at the rocks, an idea was  born for our next round of fun.  I picked up a  heavy rock and surmised that if Nate stood about ten feet away, I should still be able to throw the rock over his head.

“Hey Nate!” I yelled over.

“Yes” Nate shouted back.

“Go stand over there, ” I pointed to about 10 feet away.  He dutifully moved to right where I pointed.

“I’m going to throw this rock over your…

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Once Upon A Time (I knows a guy)-Part 1

21 Jan

Once upon a time there was a guy, actually he was three guys.  But he wasn’t exactly a guy like you or me, no he (plural-but not) has been around for just about forever.  And one day he decided to do something about being the only guy-I mean three guys-or whatever….

Though he (plural) wasn’t lonely, and had no needs, and was in absolute complete harmony with himself and his alter egos-he decided to create a whole bunch of stuff and fling  it out all over the universe.

After that, he decided to bring life to a whole bunch of creatures. Then he made a creature that looked a lot like himself and told him to a be the man for this whole planet.

Everything was perfect, because everything he does is perfect, because-you know-he’s perfect.

One day, not long after all this perfect stuff came to life.  Something went wrong.

No one really knows exactly why it happened, but it happened.   You’re probably asking yourself  “What happened?”  Well I (singular) am gonna tell you what happened.

The Incredible Talking Snake

One day, a guy (you know-the guy in charge of the planet) and his honey were out picking fruit together at a nudist colony.   Suddenly, this guy’s honey notices a snake approaching her.

She turns to the snake and he begins to talk to her about a special fruit tree that the guy (plural) told her not to eat from.  The talking snake tells her that the guy told her not to eat the fruit, because then she would know about good & evil.  And if she knew about good & evil, then she would be like the guy(plural).  She hesitated, because the guy(plural) told her she would die if she ate from the fruit tree.  But the talking snake swore to God that it was a lie and that she wouldn’t die.

Deciding she had nothing to lose and that the fruit looked really tasty-she ate some.  And guess what, it was tasty and she didn’t die.  So she took some fruit to her guy (singular) and he ate some too.  He didn’t die either….but they did became aware of good & evil and for some reason they realized that they were naked and decided to start sewing some fig leaves to cover their love parts.

Guy (Plural) Gets Ticked

The guy (plural) who is perfect, and made everything perfect, was pretty unhappy when he was taking an evening walk through the nudist camp and realized that the guy (singular) and his honey had eaten from his forbidden fruit tree.  He got so pissed that he kicked the nudists out and then made sure that they, and their children, would be scourged with, death, misery, war, and disease for thousands of years.  Every mother dying giving birth and every starving infant would be a reminder that the guy(plural) was still pretty ticked at how their ancestors had not listened to him.   For thousands of years, the guy and his honey’s ancestors would beg the guy (plural) to save them from their misery-but he just couldn’t bring himself to forgive what had happened.

To be continued…..


Ten Bonus Health Benefits of Birth Control

14 Dec Featured Image -- 1444


Excellent ….I first came across some of these findings in a book by Susan Jacoby-but Valerie sums it up nicely!

Originally posted on ValerieTarico:

IUD - held by womanCoauthor: Robert Hatcher, M.D. M.P.H.

“What do you mean, how often do I want to have my period? Are you saying I have a choice?!”

We women hear a lot about side effects of birth control, but we don’t hear as much about the side benefits. If you haven’t had a conversation with your doctor lately about family planning, you may be in for some surprises, like the fact that lighter, less frequent periods may be healthier for you.

Modern birth control methods are not only safer and more effective than ever before, they offer an array of bonus health benefits. Of course the biggest health gains of contraception come from being able to avoid ill-timed or unwanted pregnancies along with related wear and tear. But depending on which method you choose, your birth control can help you to avoid a number of other problems as well, from…

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Only a theory?

16 Nov


Another succinct video that helps clear up the theory of Evolution.

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:

Matthew Cobb sent a link to this video about the nature of a scientific theory, along with the note:

Brief 3-minute video on theories in science from the Royal Institution, written by science teacher and atheist Alom Shaha and narrated by theoretical physicist and humanist, Jim al-Khalili

Nothing you haven’t said a million times over, but nicely done.

Indeed, but you can’t say it too often. The notion that evolution is “only a theory,” with “theory” construed as “a wild guess or an unevidenced speculation” is perhaps the greatest public misconception about evolution. Save this video to show to those doubters:

I also believe that theories can be “truths” if there’s sufficient evidence supporting them that, as Steve Gould said, it would be perverse to say they’re wrong.  Remember that we still have the “atomic theory” and the “germ theory” for the constituents of elements and the agents of infectious disease. To say…

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