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Only a theory?

16 Nov

Another succinct video that helps clear up the theory of Evolution.

Why Evolution Is True

Matthew Cobb sent a link to this video about the nature of a scientific theory, along with the note:

Brief 3-minute video on theories in science from the Royal Institution, written by science teacher and atheist Alom Shaha and narrated by theoretical physicist and humanist, Jim al-Khalili

Nothing you haven’t said a million times over, but nicely done.

Indeed, but you can’t say it too often. The notion that evolution is “only a theory,” with “theory” construed as “a wild guess or an unevidenced speculation” is perhaps the greatest public misconception about evolution. Save this video to show to those doubters:

I also believe that theories can be “truths” if there’s sufficient evidence supporting them that, as Steve Gould said, it would be perverse to say they’re wrong.  Remember that we still have the “atomic theory” and the “germ theory” for the constituents of elements and the agents of infectious disease. To say…

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