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Proof of no God: the Argument From Sphenisciformes

14 Jan

Ohhh…I am laughing too hard at this simple little post and the comments. Just thought I’d pass it on…enjoy.

Why Evolution Is True

William Lane Craig would be proud of this one, from the Twi**er feed of Ian Yorston:

Screen shot 2014-01-12 at 1.42.43 PMh/t: Matthew Cobb


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I Am A Bad Blog Host (Happy New Year!!!!)

6 Jan

I admit it….I am not a very good blog host.  I wish to apologize to all the new commenters and readers from the last month who have gone unanswered.  It is not my intention, I’ve just been busy with family life and work.

I am a part-time blogger, but I do care what you all think and have to say (eve when we disagree).

As the New Year unfolds, I hope to have a little more time to go back and respond to the many new comments and to add some new writing along the way.

I hope you had a good Christmas and New Years and I’ll talk to you all real soon!!!!


Peace and Love-Christian Agnostic