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Ten Bonus Health Benefits of Birth Control

14 Dec

Excellent ….I first came across some of these findings in a book by Susan Jacoby-but Valerie sums it up nicely!


IUD - held by womanCoauthor: Robert Hatcher, M.D. M.P.H.

“What do you mean, how often do I want to have my period? Are you saying I have a choice?!”

We women hear a lot about side effects of birth control, but we don’t hear as much about the side benefits. If you haven’t had a conversation with your doctor lately about family planning, you may be in for some surprises, like the fact that lighter, less frequent periods may be healthier for you.

Modern birth control methods are not only safer and more effective than ever before, they offer an array of bonus health benefits. Of course the biggest health gains of contraception come from being able to avoid ill-timed or unwanted pregnancies along with related wear and tear. But depending on which method you choose, your birth control can help you to avoid a number of other problems as well, from…

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