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Facing declining ticket sales, Creation Museum opens zip-lining facility and other godly attractions

12 Jun

Fascinating and weird to me…a theme park devoted to creationist “museum” is now adding zip line courses? I never did like Ken Ham, even as a Christian.

Why Evolution Is True

Well, I’m glad to hear that the Creation Museum and the proposed “Ark Encounter” park are going to financial hell, but it was predictable given the limited audience, the high ticket prices, and the sophistication of foreign visitors who don’t want to shell out $30 to see a bunch of lies. The audience is dwindling, and even a creationist probably wouldn’t want to visit the Museum more than once.

According to

HEBRON, Ky. – The Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky is adding several new attractions this summer in hopes of pulling in new customers who are not as likely to come for the museum itself.

“The whole purpose of the new attractions is to bring repeat customers in and also to attract new people to the museum,” said Mike Zovath, Cofounder and Vice President of the museum.

One addition is a zip line and sky bridge course set…

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4 Jun