Health Authorities: Raw Milk From PA Dairy Linked To Fatal Case Of Listeriosis

22 Mar

While you can’t just buy raw milk anywhere, there are some ways consumers can get their hands on the product, nonetheless, despite warnings from health officials that the unpasteurized product…

Source: Health Authorities: Raw Milk From PA Dairy Linked To Fatal Case Of Listeriosis

About My Homeschool Success Story . . .

2 Mar

Very interesting point of view about homeschooling.

Homeschoolers Anonymous

CC image courtesy of Flickr, Illinois Springfield.

Editorial note: The following is reprinted with permission from Libby Anne’s blog, Love, Joy, Feminism. It was originally published on February 24, 2016.

I posted earlier this week about David McGrath, a college professor who used to be anti-homeschooling but became avidly and uncritically pro-homeschooling after having a homeschool graduate in his class who impressed him with her academic work and interest. Here is the relevant quote from his article:

All that changed when I started teaching at the college level, on an evening when I came home from work, slipped off my shoes, collapsed into the recliner and announced to my wife that the best student in my college composition class had been home-schooled.

An 18-year-old only child, who had been educated by her parents for all 12 grades, chose a seat in the front row on the first day of class.

The following…

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A Modern-Day Abraham

2 Mar

Finding Truth

Well, it’s no longer a scenario we have to imagine. I’m sad to say that there’s a case currently underway not far from where I live concerning a man who murdered his daughter because “Yahweh” told him to. You can read the full story here.

Stephon Lindsay killed his 20-month old daughter Maliyah in March 2013 and confessed to it not long after. As he explained to police, “I only did what he told me to do to her… he wanted me to get rid of her.” According to Lindsay, “Whoever did not have the family name will die.” And “I tried to make her right by him. He didn’t want her.”

It’s a horribly tragic story, but it’s also hard to not comment on the irony. The article I linked to makes no reference to this story being similar to the story of Abraham and Isaac, and they…

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Ben Carson on evolution: an ignorant (or duplicitous) Presidential candidate

24 Sep

Why Evolution Is True

I don’t care how good a surgeon Ben Carson was (and he was reportedly a terrific one), he’s still pig-ignorant when it comes to evolution, geology, and cosmology. And that ignorance—regardless of whether he doesn’t know the facts, knows them but eludes them and is lying for Jesus, or truly believes that the facts support creation ex nihilo—makes him unqualified to be President. For the first possibility means he’s uninformed (especially as a doctor); the second means he’s dishonest; and the third means he’s blinded to reality by his fundamentalist faith, Seventh Day Adventism.

According to little green footballs, Carson’s odious talk on the falsity of evolution was delivered to the Adventist News Network’s “Celebration of Creation” in 2011, but was posted on YouTube on June 15 of this year. Four years ago, Carson was probably not contemplating a run for the Presidency, so he was willing to say what he really thinks. And what he…

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Teen Falls to Their Death at Young Life Camp

15 Jul

Young Life Watch

Very sad news tonight.

According news reports, a Florida teen has fallen to their death at Young Life’s Carolina Point camp in South Carolina.  The teen fell over 100 feet from a pendulum swing known as the “Freebird” event.

You can read news reports here, here, and here.

Young Life has released this statement:

We are saddened to report that we’ve had a tragic accident here at Carolina Point. On Monday afternoon, July 13, a camper became detached from and fell off a swing. Camp staff called emergency medical assistance and immediately began administering CPR. To our great sorrow, this young woman has passed away. All of us at Carolina Point and across Young Life grieve with this young woman’s family and friends. We do not yet know how this occurred. At the moment our focus is on those grieving over this tragic accident. This is…

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If God Is Good: Question 1

12 Jun

Simple question:

If God is Good, then why do cancer wards exist in children’s hospitals?


Keep Thor in Thursday (He is the way we got the Day)

10 Jun


thor      Every time Christmas rolls around, the old and tired chant of “Keep Christ in Christmas” and “Jesus is the reason for the Season” goes up.  Along with a bunch of anxious sermonizing about the “War on Christmas”.


You know what….give me a break.

I don’t give a hoot anymore about Jesus, yet I still sing religious Christmas songs with gusto.  I don’t believe the content of those songs anymore than I believe Santa will be coming down my chimney.  But I do enjoy the season and I could care less if someone says “Merry Christmas!” to me as I check out at a store.

I also find it silly, when Christians claim the high ground by talking about the origins of Christmas and the “fact” that it’s all about Jesus and how secular liberals are trying to drown out the religious message.

Bull Honkey….I’m sure there are a few secular liberal curmudgeons who get irked and say so…but I think most could care less.

But you know who really hated Christmas and literally fought against people celebrating it?

The Puritans-with their zero tolerance policy of anything smelling of Catholicism, they literally banned Christmas.  It is after all, the Mass of Christ and Calvinists don’t do Mass-they congregate, gather, etc….but they do not do Mass.

Thor is the way we got the day

My own reckoning, is that if we need to be faithful to the original intent of Christmas, then why aren’t more people upset that Thor (Jupiter in Roman Lore) is the reason we call the fifth day of the week Thursday.

I mean, just like celebrating Christmas without acknowledging Christ, we have been equally unfaithful to Thor by not acknowledging the Norse God (and very sexy Avenger) whose name we besmirch by taking his namesake without giving the honor he deserves.

So this Thursday, I’m going to make a point to say “Happy Thursday” to everyone I meet and remind them that “Thor is the way we got the Day!”