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Shameless Plug: Pitch Perfect 2

19 May

As a former Band/Choir geek, I laughed myself silly throughout most of this film.  Totally lost it during the scene with the Green Bay Packers.  Feel free to share your favorite/ least favorite scenes.

American Winter Premieres on HBO

12 Mar

I had the privilege of attending the International Portland Film Festival this year, and catching a showing of a new documentary titled  American Winter.  I was interested in the film because it was shot in the Portland area, and tells the story of families that are struggling to survive in the wake of the economic crash that has affected us all.  It was awarded Best Documentary of the festival.

It’s not a flashy film, but it is poignant and powerful as you get to know the families, their children, and their struggles.  It fleshes out the discussion of our social safety net and just how frayed and fragile it is, in it’s current state.  With all the talk of cutting programs to “save” money, this film gave me pause as to whether we should be investing more money, not less, into the organizations that are reaching out to help the “least of these” in our country.

Just a quick “two cents” post on a topic I care about deeply!

If you have the time, check it out this Monday night on HBO, and let me know what you think….