Keep Thor in Thursday (He is the way we got the Day)

10 Jun


thor      Every time Christmas rolls around, the old and tired chant of “Keep Christ in Christmas” and “Jesus is the reason for the Season” goes up.  Along with a bunch of anxious sermonizing about the “War on Christmas”.


You know what….give me a break.

I don’t give a hoot anymore about Jesus, yet I still sing religious Christmas songs with gusto.  I don’t believe the content of those songs anymore than I believe Santa will be coming down my chimney.  But I do enjoy the season and I could care less if someone says “Merry Christmas!” to me as I check out at a store.

I also find it silly, when Christians claim the high ground by talking about the origins of Christmas and the “fact” that it’s all about Jesus and how secular liberals are trying to drown out the religious message.

Bull Honkey….I’m sure there are a few secular liberal curmudgeons who get irked and say so…but I think most could care less.

But you know who really hated Christmas and literally fought against people celebrating it?

The Puritans-with their zero tolerance policy of anything smelling of Catholicism, they literally banned Christmas.  It is after all, the Mass of Christ and Calvinists don’t do Mass-they congregate, gather, etc….but they do not do Mass.

Thor is the way we got the day

My own reckoning, is that if we need to be faithful to the original intent of Christmas, then why aren’t more people upset that Thor (Jupiter in Roman Lore) is the reason we call the fifth day of the week Thursday.

I mean, just like celebrating Christmas without acknowledging Christ, we have been equally unfaithful to Thor by not acknowledging the Norse God (and very sexy Avenger) whose name we besmirch by taking his namesake without giving the honor he deserves.

So this Thursday, I’m going to make a point to say “Happy Thursday” to everyone I meet and remind them that “Thor is the way we got the Day!”

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  1. ratamacue0 June 10, 2015 at 1:47 am #

    I like the comparison.

    I saw a post (or video?) somewhere that said basically if Christians push non-Christians to celebrate their holiday, they lose the right to complain when people do so without the religious aspects. Pushing for both is trying to have it both ways.

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