More children killed by religiously-based medical neglect

18 Nov

Just a heartbreaking report….

Why Evolution Is True

More children are dying because their parents belong to religious sects that reject medical care.  An investigative report by KATU TV in Portland, Oregon, recently published on their website (please watch the heartbreaking video there), suggests that at least twelve children have died in Idaho since 2011 from medical neglect. The churches—in this case The Followers of Christ and The Church of the Firstborn—keep the deaths quiet, and legal authorities in Idaho can’t do anything about them. There have been some prosecutions in nearby Oregon, where exemptions were rescinded in 2010, but Idaho still allows religiously-based child manslaughter. Such is the deference paid to religion, even of this malevolent sort. From the report:

Peaceful Valley Cemetery sits on a windswept hill 30 miles east of Boise [Idaho].

Some of The Followers of Christ faith healers bury their dead there.

The same last names appear over and again, going back decades…

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