6 Sep

There’s not much more I can say about this case, except that it should concern any parent considering sending their teen to a week of camp. It really is a sad case of sexual misconduct, manipulation, and just what can go wrong when an adult’s access to young teens goes unchecked.

Young Life Watch

This is another case of a Young Life area director being convicted of sexual misconduct.  Mr. Mark Steven Holm , age 54, was the area director for Young Life in East Central Minnesota and has plead guilty to sexual relations with a 17 year old member of his Young Life club.

What’s especially concerning, is that one of the sexual encounters happened at Young Life’s Castaway property.  How is it that a grown man and a 17 year old Young Lifer can steal away and have sex while being at camp?  This should raise concern for any parent considering sending their teen to camp.

One news report captures the pain of the victim’s mother, you can read the article here:

“On the day that I picked up her cell phone and read all those texts, my world shattered. Everything that I had spent 17 years trying to protect was gone. I…

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