5 Jul

Ok…I promise this is my last Young Life post over at the Christianagnostic. Still getting an unbelievable amount of hits from searches for “Young Life Cult” or similar type phrases and trying to move the discussion over to Young Life Watch. Not sure it’ll work, but here goes…

Young Life Watch

I think it’s important to highlight instances of area directors that have been convicted of sex abuse with minors and molesting teen boys.

Does it make all of Young Life staff guilty of similar offenses?  No and I’m not equating all staff with these few men that have been convicted.  But I do want to point out the fact, that such abuses have occurred.  Especially since they involve  area directors.

Area Directors are paid full time staff.  They are responsible for recruiting and training volunteer leaders.  Usually run at least one Young Life club in their area.   And are responsible for organinzing Young Life weekends and weeks at camp.  Many times, area directors will be a camp director for 1-3 months of the summer.

All this to say, Young Life area directors affect a lot of people and are in constant contact with teens through club, weekends, weeks, and…

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  1. freedom July 7, 2012 at 6:19 pm #

    Not surprised – these types of organizations that target kids and teens (YL, Catholic Church, Boy Scouts, etc) are magnets for pedophiles. What is the YL to deal with this? The Catholic Church earned a valuable lesson about what happens when you cover it up. The Boy Scouts has excellent two deep rules (teens not allowed anywhere without at least two leaders), yet the vast majority of the evangelical community tends to ignore these evil things (see SGM and other denominations and how they deal with rape and sexual abuse). Makes me wonder what other organizations will be exposed – my guess will be all of them.

    • christianagnostic July 7, 2012 at 7:19 pm #

      Not surprised – these types of organizations that target kids and teens (YL, Catholic Church, Boy Scouts, etc) are magnets for pedophiles.

      I think you’re right about this…I’m sure some Young Life areas have some sort of guidelines, but I can tell you that it wasn’t discussed during my five years as a leader.

      The fact that 2 area directors have been convicted of molesting/ sex abuse of minors should be a major concern for Young Life, as a whole. It doesn’t just affect their areas, these people often times spend their whole summers at a Young Life property.


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