Christianagnostic featured on The Wartburg Watch

23 Mar

Until The Wartburg Watch is back online. You can view my post here.


The good folks at The Wartburg Watch have asked me to share my deconversion from the Christian faith.  You can click here to read the post and the discussion that is ensuing:

The Wartburg Watch is a Christian Site that discusses current issues facing the church.  I began reading and posting at TWW under the name of doubtful, as I was questioning my faith.  I still comment there from time to time, even though I no longer believe.  Dee (one of the moderators of TWW) emailed me with the idea to share my deconversion.  She has written an intro, explaining the reason  it is important for Christians to hear the stories of those who have left the Christian faith.

Dee and I do not agree on the Christian faith, but she has my respect.  My sincere thanks to The Wartburg Watch for the chance to tell my story to a primarily Christian audience.

2 Responses to “Christianagnostic featured on The Wartburg Watch”

  1. Debra Baker at 1:01 am #

    I really appreciate Dee and Deb and TWW, I get to be a Christian, doubter, potty mouth, and Biologist without being censored.

  2. Scarlett at 3:42 pm #

    I love Wartburg Watch commentary and have been checking in frequently for the latest Church Trending news. Always timely and thought provoting. Kudus to Dee, Dev and TWW.

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