28 Feb

Hell, its an amazing concept. The basics are this, if you don not believe in the gospel of Jesus, then God will send you to an eternal lake of fire, where you will be tortured forever and ever, Amen. You see, the God that loves you with an Everlasting love is also just….and if you don’t believe just right, he’ll have no choice but to manifest his justice by sending you to hell, forever. Because nothing says justice for 70 years of sinful living like an eternity of fiery torture. Or so the story goes…

Now before you go all “preacher like” and proclaim that hell is the reason that I’ve left Christianity, you need to know that I always believed in hell (in my former Christian life) and it never occurred to me how unjust it all seems until AFTER I had let go of my faith in Jesus and the Bible.

There seems to be a good number of believers who think that what’s missing from the church today, is a good ole’ dosing of hell and brimstone preaching.

From my view, hell is nothing more than the ultimate mind game to scare people into compliance. It is the ultimate threat, and it has been effective in scaring folks into the faith. Over the next couple days, I’ll be blogging my thoughts on hell, considering one of my earliest memories from my young Christian life, was being told that I was destined to hell by one of my Sunday school teachers….more on that soon…..

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